Home Care Styling Trio Kit

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NEW Home Care and Styling Hair Kit

Kit includes:

1 - 4oz LIT

1 - 4oz KL

1 - 4oz Argan Oil

LIT is a Leave-in spray treatment with a smaller molecular weight that allows the ingredients to get deeper into the hair shaft working from the inside out.

You will receive 10 amazing results with every spray including frizz control, shine, hydration, split en prevention, repair, strength, heat protection, hold power, antioxidants and deep nourishment!

Suitable for all hair types specially fine, damaged hair.

KL is mainly made up of hydrolyzed proteins of corn, soy, wheat and the aminoacids of keratin. Repairs permanently the damaged structures in the hair. It provides volume and protects hair from mechenical aggressions including heat from a hair straightener, dryer and weather conditions.

Argan Oil Smooths, Repairs and Protects the hair at the same time! In addition, ALO Argan's Oil helps prevente split ends.

Suitable for all hair types.

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