4 - 4k Magic Clay Matizadores (500ml/16.9oz)

$155.00 $180.00

FELPS COLOR MATIZADORES 4K BLACK | GREEN | VIOLET | ROSE Designed with high quality pigments, Felps 4K Tonalizers offers hydration, shine, brightness, and color definition. Will eliminate unwanted yellow tones. This Toners last up to 20 washes and work on levels 6 and up. For best results the higher the level on hair, the more effect it will have.  

Each bottle contains (500ml/16.9oz)

How to Use:
1 - Wash your hair with emulsion and anti-residue shampoo and rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary;
2 - Separate the hair into quadrants and apply Felps Color Magic Clay 4k from root to tip evenly, always starting with the darkest parts;
3 - Leave to act for 5 to 30 minutes or until reaching the desired color;
4 - Rinse and finish as desired.



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