Felps Brazilian Nuts Botox

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Brazilian Nuts Keratin Botox was elaborated with selected oils and extracts from the Brazilian jungle.

The Amazon and Macadamia nuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It has an excellent performance for frizz control and hair alignment. Provides hair silkiness, gloss and long-lasting hydration

Effect last up to 3 months


How to use Brazilian Nuts Botox:

1 - Wash your hair with Felps Clarifying Shampoo  

2 - Towel Dry and apply Brazilian Nuts Botox to 1/2 inch sections of hair

3 - Process for 30 minutes

4 - Rinse well with water only (No shampoo, no conditioner)

5 - Blow Dry hair 100%

6 - Flatiron thin strands 5 to 10 times and style as desire 

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