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Omega Zero Unique Nanoplastia is a 1 Step Smoothing Treatment with 0% formaldehyde. It has a unique formula that generates effects of softness, smoothing, and radiant shine.  It works in 1 easy step. It is compatible with all hair types.

Effect last up to 4 months


How to Use Omega black

1- Apply product on clean, dry hair and free of residues (washing with Anti-Residue shampoo is highly recommended);

2- Divide hair into 4 sections;

3- Apply the Omega Zero Unique Nanoplastia on ½  inch sections, ½ inch away from the scalp area all the way through the ends;

4- For thin, fine hair, let product work for 45 minutes. For damaged, virgin, thick hair, let product work for 90 minutes (Use a cap to cover hair);

5- Rinse hair very well to remove 100% of the product;

6- Blow-dry hair 100%;

7- Flat iron hair in small ½ inch sections (7-10 times each section)


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