Felps Inner Regener Regeneration Leave In Spray 4.73FL.OZ



Leave in spray Inner Regener with Hyaluronic Acid and Vegetal Collagen, has thermal protection and anti-aging action, fills and allows greater density to the hair, heals damage, prevents aging of the fiber, eliminates frizz, prevents oxidation, dryness, porosity, split ends, and acts in damaged areas of the wire without weighing it down, for full-bodied hair, aligned, shiny and healthy.

Indication: Hair weakened, breakage, damaged by external aggressions, rubberized, Ideal for those who are in the process of chemical cutting.

Expected Results: Prolongs hydration, prevents dryness, porosity, damage and split ends caused by chemical processes and thermal heat, promoting full-bodied, aligned, shiny and healthy hair.

Actives: Elaeis guineenses oil is rich in emollients and antioxidants and helps cleanse and condition. Prevents scalp damage. Coconut oil promotes moisturizing and hair sealing.

How to use:

Apply covering all the hair length. Finalize with blowdry and/or flat iron. For best results, it is advisable to use associated with the other products of the Inner Regener Felps line.

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