BTX Omega Zero Organic Volume Treatment is a hair smoothing treatment without formaldehyde, has a unique organic formula that generates effects of softness, smoothing and radiant shine. This is a hair botox treatment that will nourish the hair, eliminating frizz but not your natural curls.

• Flexibility
• Frizz control
• Disciplined hair

Key Ingredients:
• Apricot Oil, flexibility.
• Linum Usitatissimum Oil, hydration.
• Quinoa Oil, nutrition.

How to use;

  1. Wash hair with a cleansing shampoo;
  2. Separate the hair into sections;
  3. With a brush, apply on hair the Omega Zero 1/2 in from scalp;
  4. Let stand 20 to 50 minutes;
  5. Rinse the product until product has been removed;
  6. Dry hair 100%;
  7. Flat iron hair (thin sections) from 5 to 15 times.
  8. Style as desired.

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