iAM4u 3-in-1 (Scale, Mixer and Color warmer)


This Color Assistant made by IAM4u measures, mixes and warms color for you!

Helps save color by mixing color and lightener to the perfect consistency. It stops automatically once mix is ready. Heating the color helps deposit color and cover gray better (And also makes client feel more comfortable ūüėČ).

Important: Do not heat lightener.

Equipment Includes the following items:
- 3 Steel Mixing Bowls
- 3 Steel Magnet Assistants
- State of the Art Scale
- Lid
- Power cable

It also comes with one of the following 3 choices (ONLY AT ALOBeautySupply.com) :

  • 10 hair colors of your choice OR,
  • 6 Developers OR,
  • 2 lighteners.

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