KROM 40 Volume Developer 33.81 fl.oz


Its creamy formula, enriched with ARGAN and conditioning substances, has a treating and protective action on both the skin and the hair fiber. Ideal for every coloring and discoloration service, it allows to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mixture and ensures an excellent result. It gives shine and improves the hold and stability of colors. It contains a high concentration of fatty amino acids and E vitamin. Provides hair hydration and protection.

Can be used with any type of hair color and lightener.

Recommended use ratios:

Hair Lightener: 1:2 ( 1 part lightener to two parts developer)

Ammonia Hair Color: 1:1.5 ( 1 part color to 1-1/2 parts developer)

Ammonia Free Hair Color: 1:1 ( 1 part color to one 1-1/2 parts developer)


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