RP Home Care Hamamelis Tea Tree Kit

RP Home Care Hamamelis Tea Tree Kit

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Developed with excellent active ingredients, the Hamamelis Tea Tree Kit is ideal to control hair greasiness.

Its formula has a powerful anti-inflammatory action, astringent softening that cleanses the hair very opaque and heavy. Its components have assets that provide lightness, conditioning and repair damaged parts.

The line is ideal for those who want a treatment that improves flexibility, malleability and density of the hair, its action promotes capillary extension promoting hydration, shine and strength.


Hamamelis Tea Tree RP Shampoo: Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage gently. Leave a pause of 3 to 5 minutes because it is a treatment for the scalp. It is recommended to use it once a week or whenever you feel necessary.
Rinse well with plenty of water.

Shampoo For Hair Strength RP: Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage gently. If necessary repeat the process again.

Ultimate Treatment Mask RP: With clean and humid hair apply the Mask lock by lock, massaging gently. Leave a pause time of 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with abundant water. Finish as desired.


Treated, silky, shiny and extremely silky hair.

Package Contents
- 1 Hamamelis Tea Tree Shampoo RP 300ml/10.14 fl.oz
- 1 Shampoo For Hair Strength RP 300ml/10.14 fl.oz
- 1 Ultimate Treatment Mask RP 300ml/10.14 fl.oz