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Eliminate dull, lifeless curls and expose your hair’s natural bounce and shine. Kick frizz to the curb with this 100% vegan formula that delivers exquisite shine and moisture while gently taming your unruly locks.

    Directions:  Shampoo, rinse and follow with Malibu C® Curl Wellness Conditioner. Curl Partner Wellness Remedy is recommended weekly.

    Flat, heavy curls or unruly frizz weighing you down? It’s time to lighten up and breathe some life back into those lackluster locks! Gently cleanse away dirt and everyday buildup with this 100% vegan formula that won’t weigh down your hair. Whether you have waves, spirals or kinks, your hair is sure to thank you with bouncy, vibrant, shiny and defined curls!


    • Gently cleanses without weighing down
    • Promotes curl definition and bounce
    • Reduces frizz
    • Free of parabens and gluten
    • Ideal for textured hair


    • 100% Vegan Formula
    • Safe for natural curls, textured hair or perms
    • Gentle formula that doesn’t weigh down curls
    • Reveals vibrancy in curls or waves



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