Felps Uniq Cream 10-in-1 Leave-In Hair Treatment


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Uniq Cream is a leave-in hair spray which gives a host of benefits to all hair types. It promotes 9 treatments. Repair, frizz-free, hair protection, shine, UVA and UVB filter protection, detangling hair, hair protection before swimming, prevents split-ends. Neutralizes the effects of the chlorine and salt. A leave-in treatment that provides nine major treatment benefits in one. Easy to apply with a light, delicious fragrance.

How to Use:
In wet hair: Apply the Uniq Cream at a distance of 6 inches, untangle the hair with a comb and finish as you wish.
In dry hair: Rub the Uniq Cream between the hands and apply to the hair avoiding the root. If necessary, retouch the hairstyle with the dryer or board.

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