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FELPS Smoothing Pro Kit has everything your salon needs to offer clients the best repair and smoothing services! ... Profit for professionals starting at over $1800!

Kit includes:

8.45 - Nanoplastia "BLACK"

8.45oz - Keratin Thermal Sealing

10.6oz - Keratin Botox


8.45oz Clarifying Shampoo


Nanoplastia "BLACK" is a 1 Step Smoothing Treatment with 0% formaldehyde. It has a unique formula that generates effects of softness, smoothing, and radiant shine.  It works in 1 easy step. It is compatible with all hair types.

Effect last up to 4 months 


Keratin Thermal Sealing  was elaborated with selected seeds from the Brazilian Amazon Jungle such as the Brazil Nuts. Thermal Sealing will leave your hair straight, smooth and with a natural look. For all types of hair, this innovative formula is right in hydrolyzed keratin, omega-3, and fatty acids that will help to restructure and to provide health, strength and a beautiful shine to the hair.

Effect last up to 6 months


Keratin Botox was elaborated with selected oils and extracts from the Brazilian jungle as part of Amazon nuts and Macadamia nut is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It has an excellent performance for hair reduction, frizz control, and hair alignment. Gives hair silkiness, gloss and long-lasting hydration 

Effect last up to 3 months


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