Ziarot MaxiProtein Reforce System Kit


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Advance Repair System that provides hydration and strength to the hair on the first application. Formulated to help repair hair that has become weak, damage and dry due to chemical services, buildup in the hair or bad weather conditions. It addition, this amazing kit provides an antioxidant that removes toxic chemicals which could cause more damage to the hair, color fading or hair loss.


Active Ingredients:

* Proteins: Antioxidants it stops the oxidation process to protect the hair against the harmful effects that time can have, combined with environmental factors.

* Phenoxyethanol: Capillary hair antiseptic.

* Marine Collagen: Regenerates elastic damage in the hair.

* Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein: Gives strength back to the hair.

* Real Honey: Returns lost proteins, oils and fatty acids that your hair needs to stay healthy, soft and shiny. (Normally lost during a chemical process.)

Kit Includes the following products:

1 - Molecular Fusion with 18 Amino Acids 32oz

1 - Dry-Reforce Shampoo 32oz

1 - Antioxidant Bio Reactive Complex Treatment 5.9oz

1 - Bio Milk Serum 5.9oz 

1 - Silk Bio Infusion Treatment 2.6oz 

1 - Reforce Honey System Treatment 16oz

1 - Bio Keratin Treatment 16oz

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