ZIAROT BHI In-Salon Color Treatment Kit


BHI COLOR TREATMENT helps get color deeper into the hair, close cuticle, balance PH, repair and hidrate the hair. This treatment has a fantastic aroma, the hair will feel soft with amazing shine. Recommended for after chemical services specially color services.

Products included in kit:

1 - Color Illuminator Shampoo 32oz : Prolongs color quality and duration, makes the hair feel soft, shiny and will help prevent color from fading.

1 - Molecular Fusion Hair Treatment 32oz : 18 Amino-acids  Nanoparticles that helps to revert weakness in hair. Gives deep moisture.

1 - Crystal Seal 2.8oz : Seals cuticle, repairs, provides shine and softness to the hair. Perfect after a color service.

1 - Color Seal Cream 5.9oz : Treatment that helps protect and seal hair color.

1 - Cream Color Mask 16oz : A reactive complex treatment that helps repair disulfide bonds in the hair specially in hair that has been damage due to chemical services including lightener applications.

24 - Hidrofobe Vials/Ampoule 10ml/.33oz each : This is a very effective scalp and hair treatment, its hair hydrophobicity technology prevents irritation, while providing a better melanin deposit, therefore, a longer durability of color. This is an extraordinary product to protect the hair from salt water and chlorine used in pools.


Step 1 : After rinsing color, mix 1 vial (10ml / .33oz) of Hidrofobe Vial with 2oz of Molecular Fusion and apply on entire hair focusing on colored areas, comb thru. 

Step 2: With out rinsing first treatment, apply Cream Color Mask on entire hair. (normally an average of 10g (.33oz) is used to cover entire hair. Comb thru. Let treatment stand on hair between 5 and 10 minutes.

Step 3: Without rinsing, apply Color Illuminator Shampoo over entire hair. Work on hair and scalp for 1 minute. Rinse.

Step 4: Towel dry hair, part hair in 4 sections, apply one pump per section of Color Seal Cream.

Step 5: Apply 1 pump per section of Crystal Seal to help secure all previous treatments in the hair.

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