Ziarot Solution Hydra H2O / CRIOTERAPIA 1000ml


De - Ionized Treatment 2 to be used with Ziarot Hi Tec Hydrotherapy Ultrasonic Strighteners.

- Capillary Hydration

- Ultra Hydration

- Capital Vitality

- Immediate Balance

Crytherapy is used to treat certain injuries, is a procedure that uses cold temperature as cellular feeding, as well as an increase an an improvement of the blood circulation in the scalp. Ithas almost immediate effects on the skin and hair, eliminating the vast majority of  toxins, so it indicated to treat dermal alterations. Extraordinary treatment to combat the thermal hear of devices, giving a soothing balance to hair exposed to high temperatures, shile keeping it hydrated.


- Fill the container located in the Ziarot Hi Tec Hydrotherapy Ultrasonic Straightener.

- Activate the steam devise located in the ZIAROT HI-TEC flat iron and active  the steam in the first pass over each section of the hair.

- Deactivate the iron as usual and pass the flat iron again on each section without treatment.

The ultrasonic light of the Ziarot Hi-Tec Iron will send the TECH ON HAIR THERAPY steam treatment to the most microscopic fissures of the hair, returning health and balance in each hair.


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